The New Olympia Cinema, Tod

New Olympia Cinema, Todmorden

Just on my doorstep is The New Olympia Cinema in Todmorden. I walk past almost everyday. I see through it’s derelict state to the fantastic Art Deco design but one day it may fall the way of developers – not least supermarket developers – so that Todmorden has a third supermarket as well as it’s central open air market. In fact it may just be one of those sites that never gets updated. The supermarket are not obliged to tell anyone what they are going to do with it. Mmmm, the politics of it and one day it might just be gone.; so I’m feeling a little ashamed that I’m not doing my bit to preserve it. It even appears here in Urban Ghosts as one of the 10 ‘best’ Art Deco derelict buildings… And here a few images of it right now:

New Olympis Cinema, Todmorden


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