Vintage Bike Shoot, What A Triumph!

I’ve been on location to photograph a 1972 Triumph X75 Hurricane for Bonhams auction house. Nestling in Jane’s house is this beast. We didn’t have the chance to move it to some wild looking landscape but in actual fact I think the image works perfectly well after a bit of box moving and work top covering. It’s in fantastic condition and the last one auctioned went for a not-so-shabby £24,000… Not that I needed the incentive to dive around the bike gorging myself on all the brilliant details, curves, parts and nuts and bolts but once we’d wrapped up the shots Bonham’s needed Jane has promised to buy the drinks if it sells….Somehow I think it might. Look at more of the Triumph images here or go to the On Location page for approaches to location work..

Web_IMG_35288_ss_BW_con75_TU_sh100_3cont_points(tyre text)_CR    Web_Full_Job_35151    Web_IMG_35366_ss_BW_br50_con75_CR    Web_IMG_35304-7_ss_GR(Blyth)_CR


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