Back in Time to Go Global

AWP has teamed up with Todmorden Golf Club and audio engineering powerhouse Calrec to create a setting for a new global product launch. The official launch is under wraps until Monday 13th April at the NAB in Las Vegas but here’s a look behind the scenes and how Mike Murray of the Todmorden Golf Club council and MMPhysiotherapy donned some authentic 1920s golf gear to make the latest audio product video stand out from the normal golfing galleries and audio engineering world. Todmorden Golf Club provides some of the most stunning scenery for a course this side of the pond and those in Vegas are going to see it go through a time warp and transformational change – Augusta beware! Through the lens of Ed and the crew of Flagtime Films, here’s a first step back in time and how Todmorden Golf Course has opened up it’s tees in support of local and global business…

IMG_37074-1 IMG_37080-2

Mike Murray and Anthony Harrison of Calrec get to grips with the plus fours and authentic 1920s golfing clobber..

IMG_37098-3 IMG_37102-4

All set to go the current gallery of TGC fame must watch on puzzled as the boys are ready to go out..

IMG_37106-5 IMG_37116-6 IMG_37120-7

After a last check on the attire it’s out on the course with the film crew to shoot the footage

IMG_37130-8 IMG_37152-9

A few practice swings and a test of the light and we’re ready to go. You’ll be able to see more of from behind the scenes and the full video after the big launch on Monday 13th..IMG_37171_a IMG_37166-11 IMG_37164-10

Todmorden Golf Club offers one of the most stunning settings for a game of golf. If you are interested in playing please contact the club on 01706 812986. There are some fantastic deals for the 2015-2016 season on offer now over on the website


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