Breaking the Mould

I met Geoff and Rob from Friendly Soap by chance at a business meeting last year. It turned out that they have a burgeoning new business producing soap with purely natural and eco-friendly ingredients which is growing in demand day by day. Aside from that side of the story it was the place they worked in, an old mill, and the process of making the soap that soon stirred my creative attention. A local business just up the road as well so I popped in to see for myself. Cue rows and rows of bars and bars of wonderful smells and racks of colourful creations. It is an Aladdin’s cave of ingredients and industry. Through the oils, alkalies, spices, petals and the place itself I sensed a portrait was on hand and seeing the soaps stacked in blocks and ready for business the idea fell into place. Breaking Bad. Visual parallels could be made with the hit TV series – the place, the concoctions, the kit – but with the twist needed. Friendly Soap is clean, pure and ethical at its heart but getting there can be a wonderfully dirty business like their erstwhile double act. Rob and Geoff have a very different agenda than Walt and Jesse, but are bound to be successful on their own terms and through the Friendly Soap business they should indeed be cleaning consciences for many years to come.

How It Happened

Rob and Geoff were really up for the idea and due to the expanding business they had acquired a new space appropriately singed decades ago by an old fire that had licked the walls of the room. With the kit ready to plunder and build the set the ground was made.web_Job_36886

Then we swapped ideas, draw the storyboard, and it all took shape and at the centre was the mixer. A huge mixer, cleaner than one of Walt’s tanks, that is used to pour the soap mix into the moulds. Perfect.


Then it was the finishing touches and the masks….and a sellotape gun. Menancing. All the paraphernalia was added, even a beautiful winged creature if you can spot it…

…last but not least we wanted to get the message across and make the idea a reality for the wall. So enter the skills of Tony and we now had our final piece.

From concept to finished piece, see how commercial portraiture can work for your business.

If you’d like anymore information about Friendly Soap then go to the Friendly Soap website or call Rob and Geoff on 01706 818666



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