Room 606, Plenty of Braun

Great design can manifest itself in the everyday. The modernist designer Max Braun started in 1921 in a small engineering shop and quickly developed radio and audio production into a global brand. My first memory is the old man’s electric shaver, probably the product they are most famous for. The more you look the sleeker the products seem to become; beautifully simple and functionalist you can find attention to detail in the smallest corner of each piece. Room 606 is a specialist antiques business dealing in design from the last 150 years. Run by Matthew Grice, Room 606 reserves a particular focus on the modernist avant-gardes of the 1920s and 1930s – so more Braun can be found there as well as the likes of Bauhaus.




Architectural Musings

Jared Lim

Here are some of my latest forays into architectural photography through the joys of Pinterest. I could get absorbed for too long so before I spend any more time today I thought I’d share a spot of Jared Lim’s work. Based in Japan he has a real eye for composition and line and will sometimes add a twist of light to bring the image alive. Fantastic. More ideas and musings over on my Pinterest board.

Jared Lim

Sable & Ox

Fantastic site for promoting unusual design and art. Rachel Williams and co are providing a platform for artists and entrepreneurs to sell individual pieces and collections online as well as being put in touch with buyers and those seeking bespoke commissions. Great to see a place where the individual art maker is connected to a wider audience and a route to market that encompasses a range of unique artworks from all genres.

Sable and Ox


Thumbs up to Functional Art

Fantastic functional art! Congratulations to Dan Morrison and Andy Plant, makers of Blott Works’ inspirational pieces of art. I’m hearing of success at the recent CRAFT show in London where multiple pieces were sold. Well deserved and more orders on the way. Here’s to more creations into the family. See more of Blott Works samples here or visit Dan and Andy at the Blott Works site.

The New Olympia Cinema, Tod

New Olympia Cinema, Todmorden

Just on my doorstep is The New Olympia Cinema in Todmorden. I walk past almost everyday. I see through it’s derelict state to the fantastic Art Deco design but one day it may fall the way of developers – not least supermarket developers – so that Todmorden has a third supermarket as well as it’s central open air market. In fact it may just be one of those sites that never gets updated. The supermarket are not obliged to tell anyone what they are going to do with it. Mmmm, the politics of it and one day it might just be gone.; so I’m feeling a little ashamed that I’m not doing my bit to preserve it. It even appears here in Urban Ghosts as one of the 10 ‘best’ Art Deco derelict buildings… And here a few images of it right now:

New Olympis Cinema, Todmorden