The Bechers

Looking at current architectural photography, I invariably look back to the photography of Bernd and Hilla Becher. Regarded as one of the originators of the new topographic photography movement they detailed architectural design elements in their distinctive style. Objectifying to the point of classifying they produced shadowless pieces of art which uniformly show all of the nuances of functional design in the modern West. These images are from Pit Heads around Britain – mostly Wales – circa 1974.

Project Home Development

Creative architectural photography

One of my anticipated tasks this year is to photograph the interior of Project Home’s development of the Oatsroyd Mill apartments. Seen here from the outside the space is one long ‘room’ until it’s cut into the living quarters. The interior shot below is set up so that we can take the shot from the same position and make one half as the finished living space.

Project Home, Oatsroyd Mill project

Mark Power: A Wider View

One of my influences is the photography of Mark Power. His work has a brilliant simplicity and, rather than go into a narrow focus on architectural detail, pulls back to show a more contextual approach. Here the parts of the A380 Airbus (his series on the construction of the French aeroplane, 2008) contrasts exquistly with the colourless ceiling and the myriad of lines which in turn has the effect of making these heavy plane parts seem as if they are just light objects dangling as if from a mobile. It’s a great juxtaposition which is achieved by looking at ojects from a wider view.

Keeping It Simple

I spotted this lonely tomato on our glass stand today. Used my Hipsta iPhone app to take a quick shot as there was just something so simple about the arrangement against the glass pattern. What a pungent red too which the black, white and grey really accentuate. Tasty tomato, as well.

Charles Rennie Mackintosh

I love Mackintosh’s work. It’s not just because he was so ahead of his time and so unique but the form of his work just makes you think about how it should be viewed. It is ultra modern yet classic so difficult to photograph in situ. I like these shots as they reduce it down to the simple form. First with some simple colour and lighting and then to a continous,¬†monochromatic format to just let you marvel at the beautiful crafting of these wonderful objects. Simple is sometime the best approach.¬†mackintosh-pewter-hip-flask-334charles_rennie_mackintosh_quaich