Creative Portraiture

It is important to create a good impression and hold interest when you show your face to the business world and the markets you need to focus on. You need an image which ticks a box instantly or one that poses engaging questions about who you are and what you do. So even a LinkedIn profile picture should be sharp and professional to give that instant understanding that you are a sharp professional, as well as a large scale creative that gets your brand message and values across in a creative and definitive way.

What We Can Do

Andrew Wade Photography can produce effective portraits ranging from the sharp professional look, portraits that convey your personality to larger scale creatives that will engage yourself, your company and your brand more effectively with the industries you wish to do business with. The studio set up, if required, can come to you so your time and resources are kept as unaffected as possible. With consultation, brief and storyboard work as part of the package, everything is organised and executed with minimal disruption to your business time. Please contact for a free consultation.

Behind The Thinking

Did you spot the reference in the lead image? To see how this creative portrait was finished, complete with poster design, see this behind the scenes post with The Friendly Soap Company.


Personality in the Portrait

A good portrait says something about the sitter whether it be calm and considered, serious and studious or bright and energetic. Whether it be the context of your place of work or the styling of the image that conveys the message you need to get across an easy, relaxed approach to the shoot will achieve the aim.