On Location

AWP undertakes bespoke project work on location. From large scale architectural and interior work to briefs that require a portable studio, AWP can work where your business works removing the costs of transport and time.

Project Home

With multiple housing projects on the go Project Home need fast and efficient photography on location to record, illustrate and promote their ambitious work. Working in tandem with the on-site builders and architects we plan and schedule opportunities throughout the year to maximise the yield of images which go into Project Homes marketing strategy. Not only are the key architectural aspects of the build captured to show the projects’ aesthetical aspirations, the workings from start to finish are detailed to reinforce the care, time and resource Project Home give for each undertaking. Being flexible and able to transport all necessary equipment is a key aspect in obtaining the right quality of images as well as being able to respond to projects which can change over long periods.



Calrec Audio are specialists in sound and audio broadcasting. As with their attention to the minutiae of detail so is their requirement for colour rendition which is precise and accurate. Without the need to move 16ft x 6ft audio desks, AWP brought the professional studio to Calrec and the desks to produce the high standard of colour rendition required. The colour balance and accuracy, together with additional creative image making was a key requirement of Calrec’s global brochure distribution and was executed and delivered without the additional time and costs of locating and delivering to a studio space.


Shaw Farm

The remote, spacious but highly intense business of Shaw Farm Liveries has a full on work schedule that runs 24/7. To achieve the right look and feel for the site work with the Shaw Farm team had to be carefully planned around the horses’ schedule, making sure that all elements were organised and then executed with precision timing so as not to miss a shot and fit in with the business timetable. Being able to show the first classes facilities at Shaw Farm and reflect the minute to minute care that the horses receive was a very challenging but highly rewarding project…

Shaw Farm Liveries